Launched in 1906, Bharany’s is a treasure-trove for every art lover and connoisseur.
They have the finest collection of enameled jewelry and old textiles.

Bharany’s was founded by Radha Krishan Bharany who was renowned the world over
for his collection of old textiles. He has been named in numerous books by museums and famous
historians like Karl Khandalawala for his contribution to Indian art.

His son, Chotte Bharany, inherited his father's eye and passion for collecting art.
His valued art objects have often been borrowed by the Government of India to be displayed at various
Festivals of India held in Paris, London, Moscow, San Francisco and Tokyo. He started his jewelry business in Calcutta in the 1950's and moved to the current showroom at 14 Sunder Nagar Market, New Delhi in 1962.

Third generation jewelers and art connoisseurs Ramji and Mahesh Bharany have built upon their
heritage to develop a stylish and modern line of jewelry. They now design new versions of old
Mughal jewelry and create fascinating contemporary designs. Their artistic creations have taken Mughal
enamel jewelry to new heights and their uniquely crafted pieces are sought after by celebrities the world over. A Bharany’s piece is a must for any trousseau and jewelry collection.

Established in 1906, always in style.